Image by Jacek Dylag
Penner Jewellers

I retained Mark Salgado’s, Retail Help Network services for the first time in the summer of 1995 to reduce my inventory, generate cashflow and increase business which he did in a very professional manner. 


Our first promotion was so successful that I retained his services once again for the Christmas season in 1996 to close our second location, gift store and consolidate our two stores into one.  Mark again did a wonderful job liquidating our second location and consolidating our stores which we have benefited from over the years.


We have continued to use Mark’s retail management consulting services throughout the years, such as the winter of 1998 to increase sales, lower inventory and generate cash flow. Again, in the summer of 2011 to close my son-in-laws sporting goods store in Fort Frances, Ontario, Canada.

Inspecting Jewels

We have continued an ongoing conversation and have relied on Mark to share marketing ideas and to discuss new retail trends and recently to strategize over my possible retirement or transitioning of the business.

Retail Help network is a network of independent freelance retail management consultants that cooperates with and accepts work from booking agents. The references provided may reflect work sub-contracted through outside booking agents.