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Increase your brand awareness through event-driven retailing such as a large promotional event that brings new customers to your store, turns inventory, and increases cash flow. We can help with direct marketing, advertising and ensuring that all revenue channels such as e-commerce are aligned.


Keep your promotions interesting and high energy, and make sure that you are increasing awareness of your offerings by focusing on different products categories and services every week.

Do you need to reduce customer turnover? You must exceed your customers expectations. Don’t know their expectations? Then ask. The feedback will be a valuable insight to your areas of success and those needing improvement. Customer incentive programs provide helpful customer feedback.

15-Minute Free Consultation

We can help you promote, restructure, retire, liquidate and in most case just convert
store inventory and assets into cash.

Affected by Covid-19, overstocked and need to kick-start your business? We can help you execute a well-planned business strategy that will help sell your surplus inventory quickly, raise the cash you need, stimulate new business, and expand your customer base.

If you need to reimagine your business because of the impact of Covid-19 and start your cash flow once again, we are here to help you every step of the way.

Online Shopping
Help You Change

In the past when consumers were restricted geographically, retailers were able to operate from a position of security. The technological progress of recent decades accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic has changed shopping activities. With the swift rise of online shopping, consumer options have grown virtually limitless. This new reality is one the greatest challenges that change agents and retailers must face.


For high-ticket items in particular, most consumers still prefer to talk to salespeople and inspect items before purchase. Even for low-priced items, many still value the experience of browsing store aisles and the immediacy of leaving a store with purchases in-hand.


That being said, omnichannel shopping is increasingly seen as both a convenience and an indicator of service quality. In grocery stores, for example, shoppers may still want to browse the aisles when they have time — but they also want 2-hour deliveries or click-and-collect options for their busy days.

Change is happening in all areas and categories of retail from omnichannel purchasing to supply chain, HR, training, marketing, POS and much more. Retail Help Network has operated as a change agent for over 30-years and has the knowledge and resources to guide any retailer through changes they need.

Family Businesses

Mom-and-pop shops are usually family-owned and controlled. With modest capital investment, they handle smaller business volumes and are run with minimal numbers of local community employees. Typically, the shops are not franchised and only operate at single locations. Their customers are mostly from local communities so their products and services are more personalized and community focused They each have a unique flavour and creativity and are desperately needed to preserve the community atmosphere and identity but are under siege and need help.

Family businesses do not evolve or up-grade as fast as larger national retailers for many reasons such as the “if it’s not broken don’t fix it” attitude, experience, lack of capital, and the reluctance to access resources such as consulting help. Retail Help Network has focused on family / mom and pop retail businesses throughout North America and for the past 30 years. So much in retail has changed and retailers must change or be driven out of business with a loss of community diversity and identity. Let the Retail Network help you with your vision, we are only a call or email away.

Retire Well

​​How much is your business worth? 

What will you walk away with if you sell, and will you get cashed out?

After years of considering retirement, you have finally decided to reap the rewards of all the years spent building a successful retail business! Now comes some important decisions, you will not get a second chance to retire well.


How to maximize your business assets and convert them to the highest possible return, ensuring your return on investment is the best? The experts of Retail Help Network have a long history in retiring all aspects of a retailer and we recognize the challenges inherent in closing your business. We have the experience to create a sale that works for your store, design marketing plans aimed at your customer base and, when appropriate and possible, even bring in additional inventory to supplement what is already available while still meeting your timeline.


It’s entirely possible for a well-planned sale to exceed a store’s previous annual sales volume and liquidate the store cleanly and completely. Take a look at the testimonials page.

An on-site assessment is required in most cases to make a final accurate financial assessment.

retail Business consultation

From time to time every business owner needs a new, fresh point of view regarding their business. To avoid becoming stale and out of date or to find a lingering problem that may be causing hardship or stalling the growth of their business, it can be useful to adopt a fresh perspective. The Retail Help Network brings a professional, unbiased analysis to every aspect of your business issues.

Over time, many retailers narrow their focus. An attitude of “if it’s not broken don’t fix it” takes hold. It is difficult to change and innovate and this results in the exclusion of potentially more profitable revenue streams. Retail Help Network consultants examine the business and act as change agents, providing options to make the business more interesting to the customer and to the business owner and therefore expand the revenue base.


Retail Help Network consultations can recommend, refocus, redirect, expand and ignite business innovation. Change may be hard but is rewarding when done right. We find that most clients contact us 5-years too late.

Debt and Insolvency / Bankruptcy

Over time the imbalance between money coming in and payments due can become a huge problem, worsened by loans, rent and overdue bills. We understand.

This sort of financial stress has business and personal ramifications which can be reduced by seeking experienced reliable financial advice to help you navigate this challenging period. If this applies to you - perhaps your credit cards are maxed out, you cannot make payments on bills due, you are juggling payments to buy time, paying credit card with other credit cards, collection calls or warning letters are arriving or even if legal action has been taken against you, its time to get help.  The longer you wait the worse things can get, but the sooner you act and seek help, the better the result.


Do not wait. Retail Help Network can provide sound financial advice and direction before seeking a trustee.  A free 15-minute consultation can make all the difference, contact us now.

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Store promotion

The temporary nature of price cuts or other enticements is what defines a promotion. It is designed to generate cash, liquidate old or discontinued inventory or attract new customers. Promotions, are therefore distinct from, say, permanent markdowns or end-of-season sales which are designed to eliminate inventory. 


With so many variables in play, such as the continuation of large discounts, daily promotions do not have the same pull as they did.  Now add the whim of the consumer public and it can be difficult to predict the outcome of any given promotional strategy. Retail Help network can take away the stress of looking to move product and maximize cash flow.


A Retail Help Network Promotion centers on stimulating sales. We help you design activities like discounts, deals, contests, giveaways, and other temporary incentives to elevate awareness and demand for specific products.