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We can provide No Cash Down Financing, and POS Incentive Cards with your store branding.

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Customer Loyalty Programs

Promote social media sharing and connecting friends to the platform and brand, while customer incentive programs also give you ability to improve customer service and quality control through surveys.


Reward your customers with Smart points that can be redeemed for whatever you decide. Let us show how a robust branded POS customer loyalty program can grow your business and how to access the benefits of data mining.

Customer loyalty programs help you acquire new customers while rewarding purchases and thus improving return visits. This generates more revenue by leveraging your existing POS.

The benefits are clear. Reward-incentives for loyalty and purchases allow for direct marketing with new offers to get them back into the store.

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Travel Incentives

There are always unique and better ways to market your retail business so you standout with better sales – both in-store and online.


We specialize in providing businesses with a wide range of high-value travel incentives, which can be used to generate more customers and sales. We have an history of high return on investment for our clients, who have seen average sales increases of 21.8% for clients using our travel incentives and marketing strategies – well above industry standards.

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No Money Down

Change the way you introduce the pricing on your merchandise. Sell the low payment, not the full price of the product, such as $109.00 p.m. rather $4,000. "No money down for 12 months" will help drive sales and move inventory.


This way you can start every sales conversation with a low quote. Get your customer's attention early and watch your sales grow with financing solutions from Retail Help Network and our financing partners,

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Electronic Promotions

The selection of Promotional Electronics available through the Pelios line were picked by our marketing partners because they aree practical and appealing to a wide ranging customer base – whether those customers are music lovers, fitness fanatics, homebodies or tech enthusiasts. Value-added promotions, such as a gift with purchase, is great way to attract new customers, reward loyal ones and drive sales.

With the introduction of electronics into our lineup of incentive marketing solutions, we are ensuring that our clients have these options available to them to help drive and close sales.


While the implementation of Promotional Electronics was inspired in part by the circumstances surrounding COVID-19’s impact on travel and events, tech products such as Earbuds, Smart Watches and Bluetooth devices  possess an evergreen appeal that will pique many customers’ interests.

Home Electronics promotions power customer loyalty