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Penner Jewellers

I retained Mark Salgado’s, Retail Help Network services for the first time in the summer of 1995 to reduce my inventory, generate cashflow and increase business which he did in a very professional manner. 


Our first promotion was so successful that I retained his services once again for the Christmas season in 1996 to close our second location, gift store and consolidate our two-stores into one.  Mark again did a wonderful job liquidating our second location and consolidating our stores which we have benefited from over the years.


We have continued to use Mark’s retail management consulting services throughout the years such as, the winter of 1998 to increase sales, lower inventory and generate cashflow. Again, in the summer of 2011 to close my son in-laws sporting goods store in Fort Frances, Ontario, Canada.


We have continued an ongoing conversation and have relied on Mark to share marketing ideas and to discuss new retail trends and recently to strategize over my possible retirement or transitioning of the business.

Turning business asset into Cash

Retail Help Network is a team of experienced retail and business experts that bring a network of resources to help our clients to build, recover or close their business.
We have well or 30 years of experience and have helped our customer promote, build customer traffic, cash flow, restructure, transition, retire and liquidate.
If you have a business need, we can help call for you free Introductory Consultation by
call 587 707-2711 or email 


Retirement Planning

Retire Well

How much is your business worth? What will you walk away with if you sell, and will you get cashed out?

These are the questions that every business owner considering closing, need answered.

Retail Help Network has assisted many business owners retire profitability. Our onsite retail management consultant will guide and assist you to liquidate your inventory, equipment and business assets while directing and guiding you with account receivables collection if needed.

An on-site assessment is required in most cases to make a final accurate financial assessment.

Retail Help Network complies with the CCMC code of conduct:

Subject to compliance with legislation and the CCMC code of conduct, Consultants shall recognize., the interest of the client organization overall as paramount in every assignment

Business Health Checkup

Does Your Busiess Firstaid

Retail business in a fine balance of location, sales, inventory levels as well as inventory age, along with your fix costs and changing trends.

From time to time these critical factors get thrown out of balance and the sooner that they are brought back into harmony the soon a retailer can return to profitability.

Retail Help Network, provides an onsite unbiased, clinical assessment, performed by one of our retail management consultants. We will made constructive recommendations that will provide guidance and direction to profitability.

Let get the assessment started with a free 15-minutes consultation that will answer all your questions.




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Free 15-minute Consultation

Start Generating Cash

Retail Help Network has decades of experience assisting retailers promote, restructure, retire, liquidate and in most cases just convert store inventory and assets into cash.
Are you effected by Covid-19, overstocked or need to restart you business? Retail Help Network can help you execute a well-planned business strategy that will help sell your surplus inventory quickly, raise the cash you need, stimulate new business, and expand your customer base. For over 30 years, we have planned and executed many  successful business strategies that have generated millions of dollars for our retail business clients.
If you need to kick-start because the impact of Covid-19 on  your business and need to start start your cash flow once again, we are here to help you every step of the way.
If you would like to learn more about our customized business services for your store, either request a complementary Introductory consultation by contacting us at

Phone 587 707-2711 or email us a  

There is no cost or obligation. Contact us early to start the planning process.


Senior Retail Management Consultant

Mark A. Salgado

A revenue-driven Retail Management Consultant eager to apply business development skills to help teams ignite brand recognition and propel sales. For 25+ years, revitalizes stagnant operations via shrewd market and competitor insight and by driving carefully cultivated revenue-generation models. A master of defining the plan, sharing the vision and leading nationally dispersed teams to produce results. An engaging communicator and presenter with clients, staff, and audiences. Coaches and motivates management and staff to remain focused and productive, to hit performance targets, and expand markets while maintaining service standards and customer retention. Offering: skills to help expand, retire, reinvent or liquidate. You can contact me at


About Us

Retail Help Network offers the comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge necessary to help you solve the most complex retail issues from inventory mix and trends, cash flow, marketing, store foot print to store closing debt settlement, liquidation and retirement


Retail Help Network has the resources and people to provide you with the help you need. 

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