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About Retail Help Network

Retail Help Network is a team of retail consultants across North America with extensive retail management experiences in both private and corporate retail environments. We bring management experience from working for companies such Walmart, Sears and Brooks Brothers, as well as from consulting and providing retail training to the Cargill farm store network across the Eastern USA.

We operate from Miami, Florida to Anchorage, Alaska and from Boston to Vancouver Island, Canada.


We work with every type and category of retailer, from those selling jewelry, clothing, furniture, music, hardware and sporting goods to department stores and grocery stores as well as multi-store chains. We have an average of over 30-years of retail management experience.

Our head office is in Canada, but we service the whole of North America with retail management consulting talent from across the continent.

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The Retail Help Network provides the comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge necessary to help you solve your most complex retail challenges from inventory mix and retail trends to cash flow, marketing, store footprint or store closing, insolvency, debt settlement, liquidation, and retirement. We have the vision, know-how, resources, and experience to provide the help you need.


Senior Retail Management Consultant

Mark A. Salgado


Mark has spent 30 years in retail, from private practice to consulting and training. He has advised corporate leaders such as Cargill’s Eastern US team on retail strategies and fundamentals, and trained and aided retail business across North America as a Senior Retail Management Consultant.

Mark applies his business development skills to help retailers ignite brand recognition and propel sales. For more than 30 years, Mark has revitalized, restructured, and retired retail operations using shrewd market and competitor insight and by driving carefully cultivated revenue-generation strategies.

A master of defining the plan, sharing the vision, and leading diverse teams to produce results, Mark is an engaging communicator and often presents to customers, staff, and audiences. Mark also coaches and motivates management and staff to remain focused and productive, showing them how to hit performance targets while maintaining service standards and customer retention. His skills offerings help his clients expand, retire, reinvent, or liquidate so they can reach their goals.